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    CRT monitor

    38 cm (15"), SVGA 105G79/94

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Moire? Why does my monitor have this wavy phenomenon?

    Moire is a natural effect or phenomenon of CRT that has the appearance of a wavy pattern, which is repetitive and superimposed on the screen as ripple images. These are a few suggestions to help reduce or minimize the effects:

    • Some monitors have a Moire cancellation feature, activate it to the on position or adjust the Moire cancellation function via the OSD on the monitor
    • Change resolution to the recommended standard for the specific monitor size
    • Change Window viewing pattern/scheme to a pattern where the Moire is less visible
    • Change horizontal and vertical size to optimize the reduction of the Moire effect

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 105G79/94 , 105G78/94 , 107S77/00 , 109B73/61 , 107E76/05 , 109B70/00 , 107S71/97 , 109B75/97 , 107S76/97 , 105G78/05 , 105G79/05 . more less

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