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    PicoPix Pocket projector

    Wireless, 50 lumens PPX4350W/INT


    How do I connect my Philips PicoPix 4350 to a laptop using the HDMI cable

    Your laptop need to have an HDMI output.

    1. Connect the mini HDMI cable end to the PicoPix
    2. Connect the Hdmi cable end to the laptop
    3. Use the navigation keys to select Source and then HDMI and confirm with OK
    4. The projection will start automaticality

    Please Note

    If the PicoPix is not detected, check the following :

    • Change the resolution to 800* 600 on your laptop.
    • Try to reboot your laptop.
    • Check that you are using a certified miniHDMI/HDMI cable
    • Check that the HDMI output on the computer is activated. For example, on some laptops, you will need to use the Fn+F5 or Fn+F7 to activate the HDMI output.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX4350W/INT .

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