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    Ultinon Pro5100 Car headlight bulb


    Brightness to penetrate the dark

    Generating brightness close to daylight levels, Philips Ultinon Pro5100 LED bulbs provide crystal-clear forward visibility without dazzling other road-users. Their brilliant white beam comes from a compact, easy-fit design.

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    Ultinon Pro5100 Car headlight bulb

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    Ultinon Pro5100
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    Ultinon Pro5100

    Car headlight bulb


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    Brightness to penetrate the dark

    White light for brighter roads

    • LED-HL [~H11]
    • 5800K
    • Up to 160% brighter light
    • Compact design for perfect fit

    5800 Kelvin color temperature for crisp white light

    With a high color temperature of up to 5800 Kelvin, the Philips Ultinon Pro5100 produces a bright white light that's close to daylight. The clearer vision this provides makes it easier to spot obstacles and take the perfect driving line. The optimal color temperature avoids tiring or straining the eyes, giving you more comfortable and safer night-time driving.

    Built to last up to 3,000 hours

    You want bright, stylish headlights but you don’t want to keep replacing failed lamps. LED lights generate heat that must be managed. Philips AirFlux+ technology is a powerful cooling system with high thermal dispersion based on optimized materials and a high-performance coating. It diverts heat away from the light's critical components. Greater heat resistance enables Philips Ultinon LED to last longer than comparable products currently on the market. Philips Ultinon Pro5100 provides up to 3,000 hours' use.

    Compact all-in-one design for plug-and-play use

    Philips Ultinon Pro5100 LED's brand-new design takes up minimal space in the headlamp unit. Its one-piece design, integrated electronics and robust heatsink make fitting easier, too. This bulb is compatible with a wide range of car models and can be easily installed by DIYers or specialist mechanics.

    Experience improved visibility

    Beam pattern is just as important as brightness: a uniform, accurate beam pattern lets you see and be seen more clearly. Thanks to the perfect positioning of the LED chips on Philips Ultinon Pro5100 bulbs, drivers have light exactly where they need it on the road without dazzling oncoming vehicles.

    12V- and 24V-compatible for wider usability

    Philips Ultinon Pro5100 is compatible with 12V and 24V electrical systems, making it suitable for most vehicle types.

    Philips automotive lighting for the highest quality

    Technologically advanced Philips lighting is renowned in the automotive industry, and has been for over 100 years. Philips Automotive Grade Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality-control processes, leading to consistently high production standards. Major car manufacturers choose Philips lamps, because when you buy Philips, you buy quality. You get powerful, bright light and precise beam performance. You get high-end style. And you get an advanced LED lighting system for a safer, smoother, more enjoyable drive.

    Up to 160% brighter light*

    Take the strain out of driving at night. Philips Ultinon Pro5100 LED headlight bulbs offer razor-sharp vision without dazzling other road-users. More effective headlights enable you to spot hazards earlier, judge distances better and position your vehicle more accurately on the road. Featuring optimal color temperature and SafeBeam technology, these lamps generate a brilliant white beam close to daylight in its intensity. Experience visibility enhanced by up to 160%. So choose Philips for a safer, more satisfying drive in the dark.

    Technical Specifications

    • Marketing specifications

      Expected benefits
      Brighter Lights
      Product highlight
      Automotive Grade LED
    • Product description

      • High beam
      • Low beam
      LED H11 11362 U51 X2
      Homologation ECE
      Ultinon Pro5100
      LED-HL [~H11]
    • Lifetime

      Life time
      3000 hrs
    • Light characteristics

      Color temperature
      Lumens [lm]
    • Electrical characteristics

      12  W
      13.2  V
    • Ordering information

      Order entry
      Ordering code
    • Packaging Data

      Packaging type
    • Packed product information

      Gross weight per piece
      190  g
      11.1  cm
      5  cm
      16  cm
      Pack Quantity
      2 pcs
      MOQ (for professionals)
      6 packs
      Net weight per piece [g]
    • Outerpack information

      23.5  cm
      16.8  cm
      15  cm
      Gross weight per piece
      1.4  kg

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    • Compared to the legal minimum for halogen bulbs.

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