PowerPro Bagless vacuum cleaner

2000W, PowerCyclone 5, HEPA 10 washable filter FC8760/01


How to clean my Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner's filters

Clean the foam and main filter at least 4 times a year

To clean the filters:

  1. Remove the dust bucket and pull the main filter towards you;
  2. Take the blue foam filter out of the main filter;
    Tip: To prevent dirty hands, you can use the tag to remove the filter;
  3. Clean the foam filter and the main filter under the tap;
  4. Never use a brush or cleaning agent to clean the foam filter and the main filter;
  5. Do not clean them in the washing machine or dishwasher either;
    Note: Cleaning does not restore the original colour of the filter, but it does restore its filtration power;
  6. Wring out the blue foam filter;
  7. Let the foam filter and the main filter dry for at least 24 hours, out of direct sunlight;
  8. Make sure that the foam filter and the main filter are completely dry. Do not dry the foam filter and the main filter on the radiator or in the tumble dryer;
  9. Press the foam filter back into the main filter;
  10. Reattach the main filter to the dust bucket;

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8760/01 , FC8767/02 , FC8767/01 , FC8471/61 , FC8473/61 , FC8760/61 , FC8764/61 , FC8767/61 , FC9714/61 . more less

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