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    Philips Support

    Where is the model and serial number on my Philips Airfryer?

    Published on 23 February 2024
    You can find the model and serial number on the sticker(s) under the base of your Philips Airfryer. For more information and examples, read our article below. 
    Note: Ensure the basket and/or pan do not fall out when turning the appliance upside down. 
    under the base

    Model Number

    The model number (or type number) is located in the upper left-hand corner of the type plate sticker and starts with HD9xxx (or RI9xxx for products in Brazil). To find information specific to your airfryer, you will need to use its model number on www.philips.com , the HomeID app, or contact us at www.philips.com/contact for any further assistance.
    Model number

    Serial Number

    The serial number of your airfryer contains information regarding its production date, and it is valuable if you need to contact us for further assistance.

    The serial number is displayed in two different ways: 

    1. It can be represented as four numbers. Production year and week (yyww) are printed or stamped on the plate sticker, e.g., 2041 in image A.

    2. If there is a bar code sticker on the bottom of the airfryer, the code printed below the bar code is the serial number. It is a combination of numbers and characters, e.g., 7C1A221213420052 in image B:
    serial number

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9957/00 , HD9880/90 , HD9870/20 , HD9280/91 , HD9200/11 , HD9200/21 , HD9270/91 , HD9951/01 , HD9200/90 , HD9270/90 , HD9200/91 , HD9860/91 , HD9218/31 , HD9723/11 , HD9952/01 , HD9654/91 , HD9216/81 , HD9623/31 , HD9643/11 , HD9621/21 , HD9623/11 , HD9238/01 , HD9238/41 , HD9911/90 , HD9230/29 , HD9230/20 , HD9910/20 , HD9910/40 , HD9230/50 , HD9240/30 , HD9240/90 , HD9220/27 , HD9904/00 , HD9925/00 , HD9220/20 , HD9220/40 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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