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    Philips Support

    Why does my Philips Airfryer beep during cooking?

    Published on 05 September 2023
    If your Philips Airfryer beeps during cooking and the time is still on, it is to remind you to shake your food. To find more about this feature read the article below. 

    HD9285 5000 Series Airfryer XL Connected

    When cooking fresh fries or frozen potato-based snacks with preset settings, the appliance will remind you to shake the food to get it cooked evenly on all sides. This is done via a beeping sound and can happen up to 4 times during one cooking process.

    To turn off this reminder, switch on the appliance and then long press the homemade fries preset button and the frozen potato-based snacks preset button simultaneously. Repeat this action to activate the shaking reminder again.

    Please note: if you “overwrite” the standard preset with your preferred time and/or temperature, the shaking reminder will also be deactivated.
    button combination

    HD9860 – HD9867 Premium XXL Airfryer

    When cooking with the Smart Chef programs, the airfryer reminds you to shake or turn the food via a beeping and shaking indication (see image below) on the display.
    shake indication

    HD9880 7000 Series Airfryer Combi XXL Connected

    When cooking with a manual setting, you will get a shaking reminder once half the set cooking time passes. However sometimes shaking is not required, e.g., when you are only cooking in one layer.

    You can disable (or enable) the shaking reminder for the manual cooking mode by entering “Settings” through the display menu on your airfryer.
    Some Auto-Cook programs notify you when shaking or turning of your food is required. You will hear a beep sound and the shaking icon will appear on the display when it is time to shake or turn. 

    This shaking reminder cannot be disabled as shaking is part of the cooking program and helps ensure evenly cooked results. 

    Did the above solutions help solve the issue? If not, contact us for further assistance.
    shake reminder

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9880/90 , HD9285/91 , HD9860/91 .

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