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    Philips Support

    Does Philips TV work with Wi-Fi MediaConnect?

    Published on 2016-12-29

    No. Your TV does not support WiFiMediaConnect. Only TV produced in Year 2010 and 2011 work with WiFi-MediaConnect.

    If you wish to share and stream multimedia content (movies, music and pictures) through your local network, we recommend you to use the Media Manager software. You can download the Media Manager software from the software & drivers area on the support page or click the link under the 'Attachments' section on this FAQ page.

    The Wi-Fi MediaConnect compatible TVs are:

    32PFL5806, 32PFL6606, 32PFL6626, 32PFL6636, 32PFL7605, 32PFL7655, 32PFL7665, 32PFL7675, 32PFL7685, 32PFL7695, 32PFL7406, 32PFL7476, 32PFL7486, 32PFL7496, 32PFL7606, 32PDL7906, 32PFL8605, 32PFL9606, 32PFL9705, 37PFL6606, 37PFL7515, 37PFL7605, 37PFL7675, 37PFL7606, 37PFL7666, 37PFL7676, 37PFL8605, 37PFL9606, 40PFL5806, 40PFL6606, 40PFL6626, 40PFL6636, 40PFL7605, 40PFL7606, 40PFL8505, 40PFL8605, 40PFL8606, 40PFL9606, 40PFL9705, 40PFL9715, 42PFL7655, 42PFL7665, 42PFL7666, 42PFL7675, 42PFL7685, 42PFL7695, 42PFL7406, 42PFL7456, 42PFL7486, 42PFL7606, 42PFL7656, 42PFL7676, 42PFL7696, 42PDL7906, 42PFL8606D, 46PFL5806, 46PFL6606, 46PFL6626, 46PFL6806, 46PFL7605, 46PFL7655, 46PFL7665, 46PFL7695, 46PFL8505, 46PFL8685, 46PFL9605, 46PFL8606, 46PFL8686, 46PFL9705, 46PFL9706, 47PFL7456, 47PFL7606, 47PFL7656, 47PFL7666, 50PFL7956, 50PFL8956D, 52PFL9606, 55PFL6606, 55PFL7606, 58PFL9955, 58PFL9956

    Only available for European and China models.

    • 42PFL8605
    • 46PFL8605
    • 52PFL8605

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